Student politics banned at Rajshahi Polytechnic Institute

Published : 11 Jan 2021 08:48 PM

As the counter-measure of throwing the Principal of Rajshahi Polytechnic Institute in the water of the pond, student politics at the institute has been banned for a period of next five-year, said an order issued by the newly appointed Principal of the institute Professor Mohammad Abdur Rashid Mallick on Thursday. 

It is learnt, on November-2, 2019, the leaders and activists of Chhatra League manhandled the then Principal Farid Uddin Ahmed on broad-day-light, dragged him beside the pond and then threw him in the water of the pond at the campus. A video clipping of throwing the Principal inside the water of the pond became viral then and a case was filed accusing the BCL leaders and activists of the campus and a high-level inquiry Committee was also formed in this connection to investigate into the the incident.

The notice signed by Principal Mohammad Abdur Rashid Mollick said,' according to the recommendation of the inquiry formed on the heinous, terrorist incident at the campus on November-2, 2019, all sort of institutional politics at the campus of Rajshahi Polytechnic Institute are being banned for five-year. Everyone is specially requested to remain alert about the announcement.' The notice of the Principal is being shared on Facebook by the student organisations of the campus. 

According to sources,  Principal Farid Uddin Ahmed did not allow some leaders of BCL to attend the examinations due to having no required attendance in their class. As a result, the BCL leaders and activists of the campus became angry and threw him into the water of the campus pond. 

The Principal filed a case accusing 50 students where the names of seven students were mentioned. Police arrested 13 students in this connection and Chhatra League expelled the BCL leaders of the campus from their rank and files. Later on, according to the recommendation of the Inquiry Committee, Rajshahi Polytechnic Authorities cancelled studentship of four students and the punitive measure was taken against 13-students.