Strong health system crucial in the fight against pandemic

Covid-19 has uncovered the importance of improving health sector

It is encouraging to note that the government has adopted a mega plan to modernise the healthcare system and make it super-efficient to serve the people with particular focus on treatment of coronavirus or COVID-19 patients.

Earlier, Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal in the budget for FY 2020-21 proposed a lump sum of Tk 10,000 crore to fulfill emergency requirements in response to the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak. 

This was indeed more of a necessity as more and more people in the country are affected by the coronavirus and need essential services.

The current health crisis that the country is going through and the country's incompetency and lack of capability to tackle this crisis is the  accumulated result of decades. 

The ongoing pandemic has pushed our 

health system to the verge of a collapse, 

with hospitals being overwhelmed and 

patients being refused life-saving treatment

Bangladesh's healthcare sector has long been in dire straits and the only way to improve it by a degree that will make some difference is through massive government investment. 

The ongoing pandemic has pushed our tottering health system to the verge of a collapse, with hospitals being overwhelmed and patients being refused life-saving treatment.  

Right now, we need more ICUs, ventilators, hospital beds and isolation units, more health workers and PPEs for them. Now it is time to see how the health sector copes with the rapid increase in Covid-19 infections with the increased heath budget.

The experience in tackling the Covid-19 pandemic has exposed a number of weaknesses in our health sector. It is time to ensure a better healthcare system for the citizens of Bangladesh by improving  the country’s public health services. 

This ongoing pandemic has uncovered the importance of improving our health sector. Health is one of the basic needs of people.  

A healthy nation means a healthy workforce that can add fuel to the economic progress of a country like Bangladesh. Therefore, we hope the government will continue the trend of increasing focus on the health sector in future.