Strike withdrawal of CMCH intern doctors

Published : 02 May 2021 09:29 PM

The ongoing indefinite strike of intern doctors has been called off demanding speedy trial of the attackers on the intern doctors at CMC Hospital.

The decision was taken at a meeting held at the CMC Hospital director's meeting room on Sunday morning, said Director Brigadier General Humayun Kabir.

He said all their demands have been met in consultation with the intern doctors. One of their many demands was to arrest the outsiders. That is why they have given three days. Since the case has already been filed, it is hoped that law enforcement will bring the perpetrators to justice soon. Chattogram Medical College Principal Prof. Dr. Sahena Akhter, 5 police officers, heads of various departments of CMC Hapatal were present.

Dr. Tajwar Rahman, Member Secretary of the Intern Doctors Association, said, "We have withdrawn the strike for the time being." If the attackers are not arrested within three days, I will go on strike again.

Five people, including two intern doctors, were injured in a clash between the two sides of the CMCH Chhatra League last Tuesday night. CMC 57th batch intern doctor and current president Habibur Rahman is also present. The intern doctors have been on strike since last Wednesday.