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Street crime panic grips city people

Published : 04 Mar 2020 10:12 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 12:06 PM

Mugging incidents in the capital have risen significantly despite rigid attention of the law enforcers.
For this crime, dawn has become the safest time, when snatching panic grips many folks on roads of the capital between 5 am and 7 am.
Bus terminals, launch ghats, train stations and commuters are often ruled by muggers.

From motorcycles and private cars, snatchers take away the valuables by showing pistols and sharp knives and lug the general public’s bags from rickshaws. Some have been reported brutally killed.

As there is no security patrol on the main roads in the mornings, snatchings have become easy.
According to Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) data, there were 155 muggings reported in 2019. And this January, there were 19 cases. Statistics on cases are not available for February.

Crime analysts said, the official number of cases is much lower in proportion to real incidents.
Many victims suffered serious injuries when they were unable to maintain their balance while being mugged. In the meantime, there were a number of casualties. The latest example of death was of a woman on Saturday morning, in the capital’s Mugda area.

Snatchers came in a private car and pulled her bag with such force that she fell on the road and died on the spot.
According to victims, incidents are taking place in different areas of Dhaka every day. In all cases, victims do not sue for further police harassment. The law enforcement agencies could not arrest those involved in far-right incidents.

DMP Additional Commissioner (DB) Abdul Baten said, “there are not enough lights in many streets in different areas of the capital. Most of the lamppost lamps are damaged. For this, the streets remain dark. The incidents are taking place in those areas.”

City dwellers also have to be careful when walking through those areas. The snatchers snatch whenever they have the chance, he added
He also said it would not be possible to reduce crime if they were not brought under law. Most of the time the bus-launch terminals and isolated path goers are snatched from the middle of the night to early in the morning.

Detective surveillance along with patrol tightening will also be increased at bus and launch terminals to tackle these criminals. Soon they will be caught, the officer concluded.
According to a victim, the hijackers salute the rickshaw passengers or pedestrians at their convenience, as if they were known to each other. When the rickshaw passengers, pedestrian stop on receiving the salute, they approach and take away everything showing knives or firearms.
According to the DMP, mugging is more prevalent in old Dhaka, Mirpur, Gabtali and Mohammadpur areas.

They say that about 900 cases were lodged with Police by city dwellers over the last 5 years just for mugging.
Zahid Hasan and Ratna Hasan were going by rickshaw from Jigatla in Rayer Bazar on the morning of February 3. A white private car drew up alongside and pulled her bag. Ratna survived, even though the bag was torn away. However, she was injured.

According to sources, muggings have been taking place daily in different areas including Sadarghat, Paltan, Bijoynagar, Motijheel, Shahbagh, Matsya Bhaban, Ramna Park area, Shantinagar, Dhanmondi, Jatrabari.

The snatchers continue to have a great deal of activity at several points, including the English Road.

Crime analyst and researcher Sakib Ahmed said, “After patrolling the whole night when police feel drowsy or change shift, security remains loose in the capital at dawn hours. The snatchers exploit this opportunity. Many times, victims do not even complain for fear of harassment by the police. There are many burning exemplary cases, which are not even investigated properly to catch criminals.”

I will suggest that if any crime happens, people should seek help from law enforcers. Don't remain without complaining, he added.