Stray dogs become menace in Kishoreganj, risk of rabies soars

Published : 04 Apr 2023 10:04 PM

In roads of Kishoreganj, the number of stray dogs has increased rapidly. Walking on the road is difficult due to the stray dogs. In the alleys of the city, 6-7 dogs roam together in groups. In many cases, they bark and bite passers-by. Stray dogs are now a cause of concern, especially for women and children. From pedestrians to students going to school and college are facing the same problem. The public is in panic about this. Conscious circles think that there is a possibility of getting infected with rabies due to the bites and scratches of these dogs.

After visiting various areas of the district city including Kalibari Mor, Kharampatti, Gaurangbazar, Puranthana, Kachari Bazar, Gaital Battala, Kishoreganj 250 Bed General Hospital, Gaital Farm Junction, Gaital Bus Stand, Harua, Ekrampur, Railway Station, Gurudayal College, Akhra Bazar, Nagua- stray dogs have been observed barking at night.

AH Anik Hasan, a resident of Sholakia area of the district town, wrote on his Facebook ID on March 21 that the number of mad dog bites has been increasing for the past three years. Some students of schools and madrasas were bitten by dogs and 4 housewives were seriously injured by dog bites. One of them is undergoing treatment at Mymensingh Medical College Hospital. He got 40 injection shots on his head. We the locals are very worried about this .He cannot leave the house. Young children are not able to go to schools and madrasas. In this situation, I am drawing the attention of the municipal councilor and administration.

Abdus Sattar, a resident of Khorompatti area of the district town, said that the number of dogs is gradually increasing due to the prohibition of killing dogs due to the ban of the High Court and the lack of effective control measures. During the day, stray dogs are less visible, but the number increases in the afternoon. I cannot leave the house because of fear. It can bite at any time, this fear prevails among the locals.

Ahad, a shopkeeper of Gaital Battala area of the district town, said that many dogs have grown in the area now. The dogs come barking when they go out on the street. In addition, at night at 4/5 the dog comes and sits in front of the shop. Many times buyers do not want to come in fear. Everyone is afraid of dogs.

Doctors say that there is a risk of infection and tetanus from dog bites. 70 to 80 percent of children die from dog bites in the nose and mouth. Rabies is transmitted by dogs, cats, foxes, beagles, monkeys or chimpanzees infected with the rabies virus. Rabies is mainly caused by dog bites or scratches in our country.

According to them, the duration of rabies depends on the extent of the bitten or scratched part of the body. Symptoms usually appear within one week to three months. If bitten or scratched on the lower part of the body and the level is low, there is a risk of rabies at any time within seven years. People usually do not survive after contracting this disease.

Shaheed Syed Nazrul Islam Medical College assistant professor Dr Mir Noor Us Saad Saikat said, rabies is a 100% fatal disease. The disease is spread through dogs infected with rabies virus. Do not panic if bitten by a dog and wash the wound with running water for 10-15 minutes. Consult a doctor quickly and take treatment as per the advice.

Saiful Islam, civil surgeon doctor of Kishoreganj, said that the municipal authorities will take action regarding the dogs. We treat dog injuries. When asked how many rabies vaccinations have been done in the district so far, he said, we do not have this information now. Each upazila health complex sends this information directly to the health department. However, the hospital has adequate stock of anti-rabies vaccine.

Mayor of Kishoreganj Municipality Parvez Mia said that the killing of dogs is stopped due to the ban of the High Court. We do not have the program to vaccinate stray dogs. We cooperate with the team from Dhaka to vaccinate stray dogs to prevent rabies.

District livestock officer Dr Nazrul Islam said that the health department gives vaccines to stray dogs. We assist in vaccinating stray dogs against rabies. We treat pet dogs at home. Pet dogs are not officially vaccinated against rabies. It has to be bought from outside.