Stranded day-labourers pass hard times in Narayanganj

Published : 30 Mar 2020 09:58 PM | Updated : 06 Sep 2020 01:13 AM

For  safety of  people from coronavirus infection the government has taken initiatives  that each and everybody should  stay at home until  until there is any emergency  to go out of the doors. Moreover, government has  suspended  transport countrywide.As a result, a large number of people of different districts, who were engaged with rickshaw pulling and other kind of day basis income became jobless and have faced hardship in life.

Most of the  union council chairmen and members have been distributing the allotted government relief goods among the permanent resident of the district and previously collected their national identification card.

District administration distributing relief goods  on the spots through  the upazila administration.  But local government representatives received relief goods to  distribute  among only Narayanganj permanent poor people.

Narayanganj Deputy Commissioner in his brief claimed that the government allotted 178 metric tone rice by this time and arranged to distribute through the City Corporation, Upazila administrations and union councils.

The poor people who  come to Narayanganj and did not return to their native     Page 7 Col 4 Stranded day-labourers pass  districts expressed grave concern, but local union chairman and members do not pay heed their pain and grievances.

These scenarios are not over the entire district. But upazila administration, City Corporation and some union councils are distributing goods without taking into consideration  of the people’s permanent district.

 A good number of moneyed persons, socio-cultural organizations and other humanitarian  people willingly distribute relief from their own capacity without  discriminating whether he is a man of Narayanganj or from other district.

A major number of  complaints raised from Kashipur union of Narayanganj Sadar upazila. Deputy Commissioner of Narayanganj Mohammad Jasimuddin told the Bangladesh Post that they  had given written instruction to all distributing authorities to give relief goods to the destitute.