Stop the sale of fake cosmetics

Can turn deadly if left unchecked

The marketplace has become saturated with fake, substandard cosmetics. These products are being sold under the label of well-known foreign and local brands. The cosmetic items are manufactured using cheap, toxic chemicals which can cause skin cancer with long-term use. Fake beauty products like face creams, face powder, soap, lotion, shampoo, snow, body lotion, body powder, face-wash, lipstick, nail polish and liquid makeup removers are being openly sold in most of the city’s shopping centers. Customers are being duped as the products are sold with the labels of genuine brands. They are manufactured in such a way that it becomes nearly impossible to differentiate the fakes from the originals.

Most of the factories making fake cosmetics are situated on the outskirts of the capital, namely, Companyganj, Zinzira, Kalindi of Keraniganj area, Chawkbazar, Begombazar, Rahmatganj, Kamalbagh, Khazi Dewan, Islambag, Debidas Ghat, Boro Katra, Choto Katra and Kamrangirchar areas. Customers tend to buy such fake products as they are relatively cheaper yet wearing international brands gives customers confidence. However, consumers must be made aware of the health risks involved with using these products. Authorities concerned should take stern action against those involved in manufacturing and selling fake cosmetic products.

The government should regulate the cosmetic manufacturing industry. Stricter laws should be put in place to monitor and control the manufacturers and sellers. Consumers should be educated on the harmful effects of using cheap, substandard products. Ingredient lists of products must be mandatorily placed on the packaging of the products.

There should also be funds allocated into the research and development of the cosmetic industries as well as to study the effects of the chemicals used in production of the products. Carcinogenic and toxic chemicals should be identified and banned by the government in order to prevent them being used further. The prevalence of fake cosmetics in the country will lead to serious health problems if the authorities concerned do not take the necessary steps soon.