Stay well, keep others well too

Luna Laila is staying in home quarantine after returning home from UK. She is urging everyone to stay well and keep others well too. She says, “The whole world is now in a crisis situation because of coronavirus. We all need to know the horrors of this virus. All steps must be taken to prevent this virus. Not just ones’ own self but everyone around us needs to be made aware of this as well.

All of us in and out of the house must obey the government's instructions and all the rules of specialists and physicians must be adhered as well. Anyone who has recently traveled abroad must be in home quarantine, this has to be ensured.

We need to make sure that no one gets infected with the virus when they come in contact with them. At the moment, it would not be good to go to any kind of public meeting. As a responsible citizen of the country and the world, it is my duty and responsibility to take necessary steps to prevent the transmission of such virus, and to take protection.

Upon my return from the UK, I voluntarily obeyed the 14-day home quarantine with my family and housekeepers, without showing any symptoms. Other members of my family and staff adhered to this rule too. Think of this all once. Be careful and protect yourself from everything and keep others safe. May the Creator bless everyone.”

Runa Laila, a legendary musician from the subcontinent who lives in home quarantine, spends time reading books and listening to music. In addition to being safe, she is querying about the welfare of her relatives as well.