Stars with different types of Puja celebrations

Durga Puja is the biggest festival of the followers of Hindu religion in Bangladesh. Many of the local stars are followers of Hindu religion. During the festival, they share joy with family and friends. But this time, because of Corona, the celebrations are a little different from previous years.

Kumar Biswajit with no Puja plan 

This year I don’t have any special preparation for Puja. I have many memories of Puja. Every year mother used to make various arrangements for Puja. This time it will not be so. Moreover, some of my close relatives have died in recent days. I still can't get over that grief. Besides, there is coronavirus. So I am feeling a depression in everything. This time I have no arrangement or special plan for worship. I will stay at home, so maybe I will have to watch the Puja rituals on TV.

First Puja without mother Apu Biswas

Mother liked catkin a lot. During this time of worship, I used to go to see catkin with my mother. This time too I wanted to go to see catkin with my mother. But this time it won’t be possible. So it goes without saying that there is no preparation for this Puja.

On the eighth day, my mother and I wore the same clothes. I used to dress my mother and daughter as I wished. I used to walk around many Puja Mondops. I get really sad when I think about this. But on the eighth day I will go to pay my respects with my son. This time there is no desire to perform Puja as before. Besides,  the whole world is suffering today because of corona. This time Pruja will not be celebrated all over the world.

Bidya Sinha Mim will miss the joy of Puja 

Because of corona, I did not go to worship at village home this time. 

This makes me feel a little sad. My other weakness towards Puja is the childhood memories. I spend these days very happily. Before becoming an actress, I could go around as much as I wanted. 

I can't do it now. I think this time I will wear white and red sari on Ashtomi. The specialty of this day is Kumari Puja. This colorful matter is also present on the ninth day. I will tie my hair along with putting on light makeup. There is a desire to cook one or two items on any one of the four days of Puja. It can be sweets and vegetable curry.

Chanchal very busy this Puja 

This time, the situation is not like it was previously. Everyone is spending their days in panic with Corona. Many are still trying to work from home. I used to go to my village home in Pabna for Puja. I used to share the joy together with my family. I used to return to Dhaka after passing Dashomi. I will go to Pabna again. I will be spending  my time with my family there. 

The precondition of happiness when Puja comes is to buy new clothes, going to the Mondop after wearing new clothes. Shopping is not possible in the busyness of shooting. This work has always been my wife. Time is passing by in various activities; I don’t get to go aboard boats to submerge the idol in the river like before. Still the joy of Puja has not been that much interrupted.