Star Cineplex to premier ‘Muchachos’ on Argentina’s World Cup victory

Published : 22 Apr 2024 08:48 PM

In a momentous celebration of Argentina's crowning victory at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, Star Cineplex announces the upcoming screening of a poignant cinematic tribute titled "Muchachos, la película de la gente." Directed by Jesús Braceras and narrated by acclaimed actor Guillermo Francella, this production promises to encapsulate the fervent spirit of Argentina's football triumph and the unwavering support of its ardent fans.

Released on December 7, 2023, "Muchachos" chronicles the exhilarating journey of the Argentine national team, from initial setbacks to the triumphant lifting of the coveted World Cup trophy by Lionel Messi in Lusail. With narration penned by renowned journalist Hernán Casciari, the film delves into the emotional rollercoaster of Argentina's campaign, offering exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpses and intimate moments from FIFA.

Casciari, known for his poignant storytelling, notably penned the moving short story "Messi and His Suitcase," portraying Lionel Messi's journey from Argentina to Barcelona and the enduring bond with his homeland. Now, his narrative prowess intertwines with Braceras' directorial vision to immortalize the fairy-tale-like saga of Messi leading his team to global glory.

The release of "Muchachos" serves as a timely homage to Argentina's historic triumph, marking their third World Cup title. Against a backdrop of past challenges and criticisms, including the sting of defeat in 2014, the film aims to rekindle the nation's pride and unity through the lens of football fandom. It promises to transport audiences into the heart of the action, reliving the highs and lows of the tournament while celebrating the unparalleled connection between the Argentine team and its devoted supporters.

With anticipation running high, "Muchachos" is poised to enchant audiences at Star Cineplex, capturing the essence of a triumph that resonates far beyond the football pitch.