Standardised education for the competent

Text books and teachers to pave the way

Education is without a doubt the key to realising the developmental goals set forth by the government. But, constant issues of questions getting leaked before exams and mistakes and typos in text books is quite disconcerting.

 At a time when education is key to the future of the country and its development these occurrences are quite baffling. Even more baffling is the case that no punitive action has been taken against these moths that are eating away the country. 

According to specialists, the standard of education in the country is not quite up to international marks. This suggests that there is still room for development. Even now in this era of digitalization and information, there are still places in the country where parents prefer their children to work in the fields and earn a few pennies for the family. 

On the other hand, it is commendable that the government has taken steps to improve the education and undo the mistakes which have been prevalent in the education sector. 

Initiatives should be taken to 

hire proper and competent 

teachers who have a desire to

 teach and do well for the country

Moreover, it is the teachers who structure the mind of the students in a constructive manner. Instead of talks inciting questions about the characters of the teachers and pointing fingers, initiatives should be taken to hire proper and competent teachers who have a desire to teach and do well for the country.

Reports say that there is a process of incorporating digitalization in the studies from the school level until the completion of the intermediate level. Thus total overhaul of the education system has been seen previously with the introduction of creative questionnaire method was a bit bumpy at first but the students have been able to cope with it quite well. Hopefully, this time the extended changes will be prudent and present a suitable standardized education to the children.

The authorities concerned should tread carefully in formulating the new curriculum as it is a matter of future for the children and the country. For those who try to corrupt the only source of an enlightened future of the country through leaking questions and by some other means of degenerative actions should be faced with the exemplary punitive actions. But, the most priority should be given towards hiring teachers who can teach properly and negate any chance of radicalization.