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Stand against food adulterators: President

Published : 01 Dec 2019 09:20 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 09:11 PM

President Abdul Hamid on Sunday urged all to stand against the dishonest businesspeople engaged in food adulteration, report agencies.
"I’ve visited many countries in the world. But I didn’t find any case of food adulteration there, even not in our neighbouring countries - India and Nepal," he said while addressing the 5th convocation of Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology (Ruet) held on its campus.

He advised the students to raise their voice and launch a campaign against this evildoing to make the mass people aware of it. He also called upon politicians, teachers and conscious section of people to work together to save the future generation from the curse of food adulteration.

Terming technology a tool of development, President Hamid stressed the need for the innovation of modern and suitable technology for the development of the country and its people. "The effectiveness of innovation lies in the development of the country and the people through the use of technology. So, you’ll have to focus on innovation of time-befitting and suitable technologies," he said.

There is no alternative to creating skilled engineers to meet the challenges of the 21st century, he said adding: "Despite having huge human resources, we cannot move forward up to the expected level as we don’t have the desired level of technical and technology-based education.”

Hamid said the present government has put special emphasis on technical and technology-based education. Science and technology universities are being set up in different districts of the country and long-term plans have been worked out to take the universities to the international standards.

"I believe universities will be committed to providing quality higher education with the use of the existing facilities," he added. The President said providing certificates and imparting education is not the last thing, "We need modern education as the education system is changing fast with the change of time. So, we should put emphasis on pragmatic and practical education," he said.

President Hamid, also the Chancellor of the University, said construction of mega project like Padma Bridge, Metrorail, and nuclear power plant are in progress in addition to the development in all sectors of the national life. "We’ve also made our presence in space today with the launch of Bangabandhu Satellite-1," he added.

Bangladesh is today regarded as a role model of development in the world in terms of socio-economic progress, he said adding, “These huge tasks ahead of us require skilled engineers to implement those.” He also said the role of engineers is unique in every field, from infrastructure to industrial, factories, power and telecommunications to marines, information technology, aerospace and research. "The engineers are the main craftsmen to implement the great plan that Bangladesh has taken to become a prosperous country by 2041,“ he added.

Hamid also said the engineers will have to contribute to the national development by acquiring more skills. Director of Virginia Tech Advanced Research Institute in the United States Saifur Rahman attended the function as the Convocation Speaker. Ruet vice-chancellor Rafiqul Islam Sheikh delivered welcome speech on the occasion.

A total of 2,586 undergraduates registered their names to attend the convocation to obtain degrees as graduates. Of them, 597 are from two departments under civil engineering faculty, 1,066 from three departments under electrical and computer engineering faculty and 853 from four departments under mechanical engineering faculty.

Seventy other postgraduates, including nine for PhD, 45 for MSc Engineering, 10 for masters in engineering and 10 for MPhil degrees also registered their names to join the convocation.