St. Martin’s now unsafe for sea turtles

Published : 15 Jan 2023 10:05 PM

St. Martin's island has become unsafe for sea turtles. During the winter season, the coral island has a lot of marine life. Turtles used to come to the island to lay their eggs. But for the last two years, it has decreased a lot gone. For which there are various establishments including hotels, motels, resorts and cottages on the island

Researchers blamed human activity, noise and wildlife presence for the situation. 

Researchers of Bangla­desh  Oceanographic Research Institute (BORI) found a dead Hawksbill turtle on the island's Uttarpara Beach around 5pm on Saturday (January 14). They said that it an extinct species. 

They found it on the island for research of 10 days. Senior scientific officer of the institute Abu Saeed Mohammad Sharif is leading the research team of eight members. 

He said, they are in coral island St. Martin for research work. On Saturday saw a dead tortoise in the sand in the afternoon. But the tortoise was small, its size 1 like feet. The skin on its back has come off. But a little distance was the legs of the tortoise and back part It is a rare sea turtle in rare or endangered status. 

Abu Saeed Mohammad Sharif said that the tortoise died probably 4/5 days ago. But how the nearly extinct tortoise died is not known. But the head by looking at the injury marks, it can be assumed that the tortoise was attacked by a stray dog has died. 

Director General of Bangladesh Oceanographic Research Institute Syed Mahmud Belal Haider said that the nesting habitat of turtles has been destroyed due to various reasons in Saint Martin Island being Various establishments including hotels, motels, resorts and cottages have grown on the island. The traffic of people has also increased. Now it has become a big problem. Many times it is seen that dogs attack tortoises and spoiling the eggs. For these reasons, the coral island of St. Martin are not safe for turtles. 

Syed Mahmud Belal Haider said, “The main thing is where the turtles come to lay their eggs. Eggs are laid in the same place every year. If there is any kind of people, noise, human movement or presence of wild animals, no more sea turtles come there to lay their eggs. 

The places on the island where the turtles lived, but for different reasons has been destroyed The number of stray dogs on the island has also increased.

Syed Mahmud Belal Haider said that it should be preserved in such a way that it is preserved naturally.