SSC question paper leak

Get tough on offenders

Published : 21 Sep 2022 07:37 PM

The Secondary School Certificate (SSC) examination on four subjects under the Dinajpur Education Board has been postponed due to the incidents of question paper leak. The subjects are – Mathematics (109), Physics (136), Agricultural Science (134) and Chemistry (137).

Police arrested headmaster of Bhurungamari Nehal Uddin Girls’ High School, secretary of the examination centre Lutfar Rahman, upazila secondary education officer Abdur Rahman and two assistant teachers Yobair Hossain and Russell Mia in connection with leaking question papers of SSC examinations. Led by the headmaster, this ring leaked the question papers of mathematics, physics, agricultural science and chemistry with answer sheets to the SCC examinees in exchange of taka twenty thousands.

The government must take

 strict action against those 

who pollute the examination process

As soon as the news spread, guardians along with their children from different areas of the district contacted the headmaster, Lutfar Rahman, Abdur Rahman and two other assistant teachers. The question papers sales gained momentum within hours and it reached peak overnight. They amassed a huge amount of money by selling the question papers within a day. But their illegal activities were exposed while selling the question papers with answers sheets to the students and guardians.

Teachers are the builders of a nation as they provide knowledge, wisdom and show our children the right path. But such offence by teachers exposes moral degradation of the nation builders in our society. The constant incidents of question paper leak in the SSC and other competitive tests will destroy the country’s education system and ruin the brilliant youths and their the future.   Such criminal offence is very unfortunate for a nation as  question paper leak destroys hopes and futures of brilliant students.

Although the law enforcers have detained four including a headmaster in connection with question leaks, they could not track down the main players. All the stakeholders must root out all possible sources of question paper leakage as a vested quarter is involved in the malpractices since long. The authorities concerned will have to recruit honest, tested, trusted, skilled and qualified citizens as teachers who will be only dedicated to build our children as worthy citizens. 

The examinations should be transparent and corruption-free and the government must not tolerate those who play with the future of the young generation. In this regard, the government must take strict action against those who pollute the examination process. Therefore, our brilliant students will be evaluated in proper and transparent way and their dreams would not be shattered in the future.