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SSC, HSC exams likely on June 19, Aug 22

Published : 01 Mar 2022 09:18 PM | Updated : 01 Mar 2022 09:23 PM

The Board of Secondary and Higher Education has announced the probable starting dates for this year's SSC and HSC examinations. 

According to the announcement, SSC exams will start on June 19 and HSC on August 22.

At the same time, the probable date of examination form fill ups, examination in some subjects, assessment through subject mapping in some subjects, syllabus, distribution, time of examination have also been revealed.

The information was provided in an office order signed by Dhaka Board of Secondary and Higher Education Chairman, Professor Tapan Kumar Sarkar on Tuesday.

According to the office order, examinations will not be taken in all subjects in SSC and HSC this year. Religion, Bangladesh and Global studies and ICT have been omitted. 

In HSC as well, students will not have to sit for the ICT exam. These issues will be assessed through subject mapping like last time.

Examinations are usually conducted in 12 papers in different subjects in SSC, and 13 papers in different subjects in HSC. 

This time, SSC exams will be on Bengali, English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Advanced Mathematics, Biology, Accounting, Business Enterprise, Finance and Banking, History and World Civilization of Bangladesh, Geography and Environment, Politics and Citizenship, Economics, Home Science and Agricultural Education. 

On the other hand, HSC candidates will appear for Bangla, English, three compulsory and one optional subjects.

Marks for the practical examinations is 45. The theory will be held on 55 marks where 40 will be for written exams and 15 for MCQ.

The time for both SSC and HSC exams will be 2 hours. Of these, 1 hour and 20 minutes are for compositions and 20 minutes for non-compositions.

The probable start date for form fill-ups of SSC exam form has been fixed from 13th April, and 8th June for HSC. Preparatory examination for SSC will start on 19th May and for HSC on 14th July.