SSC candidate run over by bus in Rampura

Take stern action against reckless driving

Published : 30 Nov 2021 09:47 PM

Durjoy (19), a student of Rampura Ekramunnessa High School, was run over by an Anabil Paribahan bus on Monday amid students' demand for safe roads following the death of a second-year student of Notre Dame College who was killed by being hit by a garbage truck of Dhaka South City Corporation in Gulistan on 24 November. Angered by the death of Durjoy, students of different schools and colleges continued their demonstrations for safety on roads on Tuesday. 

Protesters blocking roads and seeking the highest punishment of the perpetrators have become very common repercussions of any gruesome road accident. Every time the gravity of road safety issues gets intensified when any student dies of road accident. After every incident of road crash we hear pledges from the BRTA and other transport authorities. But all fade away with the passage of time, which is why the procession of deaths on the roads never stops.

Transport owners should scrutinise 

the driving skill of the drivers 

before recruiting

Experts are of the opinion that unfit vehicles, unskilled drivers and reckless driving are the main reasons behind road mishaps. Despite repeated assurances from the authorities to take strict action against reckless drivers and unfit vehicles, accidents are continuing at an alarming rate. It is obligatory for a vehicle to go through annual fitness check-up every year and renew its fitness certificate to ply the roads legally whereas almost 5 million unfit vehicles are running without fitness certificates. 

There is no denying that Bangladesh Roads and Transport Authority (BRTA) conducts drive against unfit vehicles, but the presence of such vehicles on the road exposes the inefficacy of BRTA mobile team. BRTA should think about the effectiveness of its drive against unfit vehicles and find out a new method to capture them. Mobile team of BRTA mobile should go after unfit vehicles on a regular basis. 

Too many lives are being lost on our roads every day, and it is time the government put all-out efforts to bring some order on the road. Authorities concerned must take stern actions against reckless driving. Also, transport owners should scrutinise the driving skill of the drivers before recruiting