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Govt to build new stadium in Cox’s Bazar

Sports, natural beauty to be relished together

Published : 28 Oct 2021 10:24 PM | Updated : 31 Oct 2021 09:22 AM

The government will build an international standard cricket and football stadium in Cox's Bazar district to view sports and natural beauty together.

It will be named Sheikh Kamal International Cricket Stadium. The stadium will be constructed in such a way that besides cricket-football, the beauty of Cox's Bazar beach can also be enjoyed sitting in the gallery. 

About 50,000 spectators will be able to watch the games together.

The National Sports Council said this stadium would be completely different from other stadiums. The construction style of the stadium will also be aesthetic. 

The other stadiums are round, but one side of this will be empty, they said, adding that it will be built in such a way that all visitors to the gallery will be able to see the waves as well as the ‘Jhaobon’ of the beach alongside the game.

Plans are underway to build the stadium at Laboni Point on the beach. 

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Accommodation in Cox's Bazar is very good. There are a number of hotels, motels and guest houses both public and private in the area, including several five-star hotels. 

For all these reasons, an international standard football-cricket stadium will be built.

Muhammad Sarwar Jahan, director (planning and development) of the National Sports Council, said that an international standard cricket and football stadium complex would be built near the beach in Cox's Bazar. 

The survey project is ongoing before the original project is undertaken, he said, adding that the survey project will end in December. 

The main project will be taken up after looking at the guidelines of the survey project, he mentioned.

According to the National Sports Council, the feasibility study for the construction of a stadium complex in Cox's Bazar has been completed. 

The feasibility survey will be published on December 23, 2021. Everything will be in this complex. 

In another vacant space of the stadium, a spectacular academic building, star-studded hotel, gymnasium, swimming zone will be constructed. 

Then it will be one of the most attractive stadiums in the country. And along with the increase in tourists, various businesses including hotels and motels will be developed. The look of Cox's Bazar will change.

Sheikh Kamal International Cricket Stadium in Cox's Bazar will be one of the best stadiums in the world in terms of beauty and size. 

Bangladesh is lagging behind despite having the longest beaches in the world where candies or Caribbean stadiums have been praised for exploiting the natural beauty of the sea. This time may be that regret is going away.

The survey project was approved for implementation from January 2020 to June 2021 at an estimated cost of Tk 4.36 crore. 

The project was later extended by six months to December 2021 without any increase in cost. The administrative order of the project was issued on 8 August 2021. 

49.12 acres of non-agricultural land near Cox's Bazar beach in Jhilangja mouza of Cox's Bazar Sadar Upazila for construction of cricket complex has been handed over after settling in favor of National Sports Council.