Sporshia’s Abar Boshonto to be released this Eid

Orchita Sporshia is  renowned for her works on the television. However, this Eid she is going to appear on the silver screen as well. The film ‘Abar Boshonto’ is going to be released on Eid-ul Fitr. Sporshia will be seen opposite to Tarik Anam Khan under the direction of Ananya Mamun. 

Recently the actor had gotten into an accident and had suffered head injury. Just a few days ago the bandages were removed. Her doctors have advised her to stay indoors and away from any work. She will let her fans know soon about her new works.

‘Abar Boshonto’ has already received the approval of the censor board. According to director Ananya Mamun, the members of the Bangladesh Film Censor Board have praised the film. About the film Sporshia said, “The story is quite modern. The story is about two unequal individuals and their friendship.” 

This year a number of Sporshia’s films are going to be released. Sporshia hopes for a good response from the audience. She added, “If the response of the audience on this film is good then I will be more enthusiastic to give more effort and do better than what I have been doing until now.”