Speedy internet link to remote areas soon

Access to information will open up an array of opportunities for them

Published : 19 Feb 2022 07:15 PM

Digitalisation in every aspect of life is not only helping us economically but also propelling us towards more sustainable solutions in every phase. People are now getting their desired services through digital platforms, students are learning online, farmers in remote areas can learn the prices of their farm products. Record keeping and financial, administrative, judicial, and many other auxiliary services as well are now obtained through using internet.

The government is expanding internet networking services to all remote areas of the country by already completing connectivity by almost 50 percent. According to the internal data of the project, the work of Pop Room Renovation is about 51.28 percent and the work of laying Optical Fiber Cable is about 40.22 percent. Under the plan, a project is already underway since 2018 which will ensure accessing internet services in 617 remote unions as part of making a Digital Bangladesh.

We applaud the government's step towards 

enhancing the quality of internet service to 

millions of people in our country

Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC) has been implementing different initiatives to make the country a pioneer in information and communication technology and build a Digital Bangladesh. The BCC has founded a project called, “Connect Bangladesh” to provide internet access to remote areas of Bangladesh. 

This initiative is important for building a digital society underpinned by internet. We really appreciate and are invigorated by this striving step towards enhancing the quality of internet service to millions of people in our country. This is because in Bangladesh internet is used by mass number of people and it has totally revolutionised the way our society and economy operate, from digital payments to social media it is everywhere.

There is a significant gap between urban and rural people when it comes to opportunities in the e-commerce sector due to their internet access and networks, including lack of knowledge, customers, suppliers etc. Amid the pandemic, use of digital services can work wonders for rural people in informal sector.