Spectacular bamboo fencing depicting nat’l flag along border with India

Published : 19 Jan 2022 10:05 PM

The spectacular Bamboo fencing coloured Green and Red along the Zero Line of International Immigration Check Post at Burimari Land port under Patgram upazila of Lalmonirhat reveals the pride of Bangladesh, the flag of the country earned through the sacrifice of millions of lives during the War of Liberation. 

According to sources, during the middle of last-year, Kefayet Ullah Majumder, DC of Burimari Land Port initiated to protect the areas along the zero line with a bamboo fence. After fencing, it was coloured and designed as the flag of Bangladesh. This coloured, flag-like fencing has created a spectacular scene along the zero line of the land port.

After watching the colourful fencing designed like a flag of Bangladesh, Indian Border Security Force members also raised a fence along the zero line of Changrabandha Land port station of Indian territory and coloured the fence like that of an Indian flag. As a result, the zero line of Burimari land port  and Changrabandha Land port are being decorated with the colourful flags of two countries on the bamboo fencing.

The 200-foot long flags of both the countries along the zero line make the passengers, drivers, businessmen and tourists passing through the check posts enchanted and remind them of the strong, traditional friendly relations of both countries. 

Kefayet Ullah Majumder, DC of Burimari Land port said, the bamboo fence along the zero line has been coloured and designed like that of Bangladeshi flag to remind our new generation about the hard earned freedom we gained in exchange of blood of three million martyred. He mentioned, at present, Bangladesh has toppled India in many indexes. Customs is a window of a country and by watching through that window, the citizen of an alien country can get an idea of the country s/he enters into. Moreover, India is the friendly neighbour country to Bangladesh. Considering all these issues, the fence has been designed and coloured like that of the National Flag of Bangladesh.