Special prayers in Rangpur seeking rain

Published : 19 Jul 2022 08:26 PM

Even in the full monsoon season, there is no rain in Rangpur. It has been experiencing a severe drought for several days. As the temperature fluctuates between 36 and 38 degrees Celsius, the fields are drying up due to intense heat. 

The life of the people here has become overheated in the summer with uncertainty in the cultivation of Aman rice, the main crop of this village. Therefore, the religious people of Rangpur prayed Salatul Istiska prayers and special prayers to protect themselves from drought and lack of rain. Yesterday, Tuesday morning at 11 am, Rangpur's Combined Imam Parishad organized two rakat prayers and special prayers at the collectorate ground of Rangpur's main Eidgah ground.

Some Muslims said that Rangpur village is burning due to intense heat. People's life has become boring in summer. I am offering this prayer for Allah's blessings from this heat and rain. Farmer Ekramul Hossain has come from Gangachara, 13 km away, to offer prayers. 

He said, due to lack of sufficient rainfall, I am passing the day in extreme worry about Aman's plantation. Due to the lack of rain, even during the monsoon, the arable land has become barren. So I prayed two rakats to save myself from drought and rain. 

He also said that many like him participated in this prayer from far and wide. Qari Ataul Haque said, even in this full monsoon this year, there is not much rain. So I prayed two rakats before Allah. May Allah put an end to this situation. At the end of the prayer, a prayer is prayed for freedom from rain and heat and seeking the mercy of Allah.

Maulana Hafizul Islam, the general secretary of the organizing organization, said that this prayer was performed to get rid of such suffering and to show obedience to Almighty Allah. Khatib Hafez Maulana Bayezid Hossain of historic Keramatiya Mosque of Rangpur led the prayer. About 5000 Muslims from various areas including public representatives, administration, common people participated in praying for rain and praying to God.