Special prayers for Palestinians

We always stay beside the Palestinians

Published : 21 Oct 2023 09:47 PM
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Thousands of devotees in different mosques across the country in tears sought the Almighty Allah’s help for the tortured Palestinians and eternal peace for the souls of the dead and early recovery for those wounded during Israeli raids.

Bangladesh on Saturday also observed one-day state mourning for the Palestinians killed in recent Israeli attacks. Thousands of Palestinians have so far been killed and wounded in desperate attacks by Israel since the beginning of October.

We are all very shocked and saddened by the news of innocent people including children’s death in Israel’s strike. We saw killing of people and children by bombing on a hospital in Gaza and blood stained faces of the children on Tuesday. The solution to the Palestine crisis lies in the united efforts of the Muslim Ummah. If the Muslim Ummah works in united way, it will be possible to solve the Palestine crisis.

Is Israel above


international laws?

We Bangladesh people always stand and will stay beside the Palestinians all the time following the policy initiated by Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. So, the people of Bangladesh will continue to support the cause of the Palestinian people as they did in the past.

The Israeli brutality that has crossed all the barbarism of the past as it continues pummeling the Palestinian enclave, launching air strikes across the densely populated territory.

The Israel forces have unleashed a reign of terror across  Palestine, killing innocent devotees and civilian people—women, children and old men there without previous warning. 

We think there is no reason that can justify the murdering of innocent civilians. The Israeli forces expose the severe violation of human rights, international laws, and accords which have immensely triggered civic feelings across 

the world.

However, it is very unfortunate when we see most of the influential world leaders especially heads of state and government of different foreign countries remain silent in this regard. We want to pose a question before the world community is Israel above all international laws?