Special health insurance for health workers

A much needed boost

With the outbreak of the coronavirus in the country the health sector has come under a massive barrage of patients. The number of patients who have contracted Covid-19 since the virus was first recorded in Bangladesh is comparatively higher than those of the first world countries within the span of just one month. 

If the numbers keep rising up then very soon the country would have a much higher number of deaths than what was recorded last year during the time of dengue. Only this time, the disease is highly contagious. Facing such a contagious disease, the doctors, in some cases, have seen to become reluctant to keep practicing their profession.

Under the circumstances the special health insurance, as put forth by the honourable prime minister, is a certain boost to the moral and also is a concrete incentive for the doctors who are countering this outbreak head on. This special reward system for the officials and healthcare service providers is highly welcomed and a praiseworthy step taken by the prime minister. 

This special reward  system for the officials and healthcare 

service providers is highly  welcomed and a  praiseworthy 

step taken by the prime minister

This will surely add on to the array of other preventive and safety measures being undertaken by the government. On the other hand, it is also commendable that the prime minister has severely admonished any physicians who are not doing their duties in this time of need for their fellow countrymen. 

The doctors who are still staying away from their practice should take heed of this warning and act accordingly for the benefit of the country. Moreover, since the prime minister has added this reward system then there is adequate incentive for the healthcare service providers to do their duties to the fullest. 

The authorities and personnel concerned should take note on the seriousness of this issue and work accordingly for a better future of the country. One where we can come out as a stronger and more enlightened nation from this ordeal.