Special drama ‘Asha Charcha Kendra’ today

The story revolves around the center of people getting frustrated. At first it was also called the center of practicing frustration. It was formed by a group of young people who practice frustration. But behind the scenes they actually tell the story of survival by healing the wounds of despair.

The drama 'Asha Charcha Kendra' is going to be aired on Banglavision today as a special program of Eid this year. Although the drama was preceded by the practice of frustration, later it was renamed as ‘Asha Charcha Kendra’.

The drama is written and scripted by Abdullah Mahfuz Ovi and directed by Biswajit Dutt and Abdullah Mahfuz Ovi in cooperation. The play stars Tousif Mahboob, Jovan, Salla Khanam Nadia, Nafis Bindu, Zaki Ahmed Zarif Abdullah, Rana Nasir and Tanvir Khan in special roles. 

Abdullah Mahfuz Ovi, the writer and producer of the drama, said, “I told the story of the time when I have been throgh. This story represents the youth of this generation who have instability, competition, frustration and some unpredictable things that cannot be easily measured by traditional formulas. 

As a result, it is difficult to predict exactly what this generation will do next. Those who are suffering in despair, who are very temperamental, are suddenly appearing in front with renewed spirit. This is exactly the story. There is fighting here, there is despair, there is a dream of living.”

Executive producer Tamjid Rahman said, “We have told the story of a group of young people. We have a lot of emotions involved with this drama. We really tried to put our word out there.”

The play will be aired on Banglavision on the sixth day of Eid at 5:30 pm.