Special dengue awareness campaign

Local Government and Rural Development (LGRD) Minister Md Tajul Islam said that the government has taken the dengue situation very seriously and urged the citizens to extend their cooperation in preventing further infections.

He said this while speaking at the inauguration ceremony of a ‘weeklong mosquito control and nationwide cleanliness programme’ at Manik Mia Avenue in the capital on Thursday. 

The Minister said, “We have taken it as a challenge and everyone have to be aware about it. Dengue is a worldwide problem now. The dengue infection increase in the during the monsoon which favours breeding of the Aedes mosquitoes.”

Highlighting the information on dengue of different countries, the Minister said there were records of 28 deaths in Bangladesh last year. 

“Already, we have received reports of more than 100 deaths in Thailand, and about 450 deaths in Philippines due to dengue infection. According to the report of World Health Organization, about 40 to 50 people have died in Singapore. There is nothing to be worried about in our country. We are prepared to control it, but public awareness is needed to prevent dengue,” he said.

Regarding the effectiveness of the mosque control medicines, the Minister said, “After getting the allegations, we tested the medicines and found them very effective.’

In his speech, Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) Mayor Sayeed Khokon said, “The information about dengue which is spreading that three and a half lakh people have been infected by dengue, is totally wrong and a rumor like child kidnapper.”

Speaking on the occasion, Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) Mayor Atiqul Isalm said, “DNCC Mosquito control workers and supervisors are working regularly to destroy mosquitoes and the eggs. The name and mobile number of mosquito control workers, supervisors and monitoring officers of each area has been given on the website of the DNCC. Anyone can call them on phone.” 

Referring to public awareness as the most urgent need to prevent dengue, the Mayor said, “Dengue and Chikungunya virus carrier Aedes mosquito lives in clean stagnant water. We must clean water after use.”

In the programme, National Cricket Team Captain and Parliament Member Mashrafe Bin Mortaza urged the people to be aware and clean the surrounding of their own houses.

Among others, Renowned writer Abul Maksud, Actor Ilias Kanchan, Actor Omar Sani, Actor Arifa Parvin Moushumi, Gazipur City Mayor Jahangir Alam were also present.