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Sound of silence in Shillong

A trip to heaven and back

Published : 16 Oct 2019 07:05 PM | Updated : 06 Sep 2020 04:10 PM

Rezaul Haque

In an era in which time is fluid, nothing lasts, everything changes and is unstable, a pleasure trip to Shillong can soothe any traveler with listening sounds of waterfalls into the stone hills, seeing clouds hovering over the head and absorbing him or her in scenic beauty. Different natural tourist spots with their fascinating surroundings can lead tourists to feel pin drop silence for a few minutes as they come to explore natural beauty. 

With no much talk or activity, the tourists can feel the ripples of fresh air on their faces and listen to the sweet sounds of waterfalls. They leave the places with a unique inner glow and determination to come again and again to soak with the cloud. 

The hide and seek game between the cloud and sun can make any one a bit confused to see the blue sky and the natural mountains and waterfalls. Shillong takes the forms of many moods, when it is illuminated by the sun from dawn to dusk.

Traveling on the stone hills, anyone can easily enjoy the unique beauty, which can still remind any visitor of the experiences and prompt his or her mind to go again.

Enjoying the natural beauty of Shillong takes any one to say that it is so beautiful that it seems unreal.

In Shillong, Cherrapunjee is a rich historical heritage site which is situated 1300 meters above the sea level and 56 kilometres from Shillong town. For those who love adventure, there are numerous deep gorges, treks, waterfalls, rivulets and spectacular caves.

For nature-lovers, the area is luxuriant with tropical vegetation of innumerable varieties of fern, mosses and orchids.

Cherrapunjee is noted for its enormous rainfall, which occurs between June and the middle of October. 

Mawsmai Cave

Many caves are located at Shillong, which add to the Meghalaya’s natural beauty. This tiny state probably has more caving potential than any other state in India.

These caves, mainly stalactite and stalagmite caves of various formations, are truly nature’s wonderful gifts. 

Theses caves are a very special part of the natural environment. Due to slow and gradual formation over many thousands of years, fantastic passages have developed in them. Sediments are deposited and beautiful calcite formation is created.  

Among the caves at Shillong, the Mawsmai Cave is the most fantastic one, which is situated 6 kilometers from the Sohara market where lies the village of Mawsmai. 

The village abounds in grasslands surrounded by forests. A pathway leads to the main cave entrance. This cave is the only that is lighted. The cave is divided into two parts (old and new). It has impressive stalagmite and stalactite formation with large passages and chambers. 


There are many water falls in Shillong district, which is being illuminated by the sun from dawn to sunset. The vibrant colours  of the setting sun on theses waterfalls make it a beautiful sight to the visitors.

Seven Sister Falls

The Seven Sister Falls is situated in a south westerly position from Mawsmai village and get illuminated by the sun from dawn to sunset. The vibrant colours of the setting sun make it beautiful sight to see.