Sonali Life marching toward achieving growth target

The insurance company holds its 9th AGM

Published : 28 Sep 2022 09:18 PM

The Sonali Life Insurance is advancing towards the set strategic agenda of exceptional service, growth & transformation having attained bottom-line growth & a volume led growth this year in our journey towards making a difference to our stakeholders, said Noor-E-Hafza, Chairman of the board of Directors of Sonali Life Insurance. 

She was addressing the 9th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Sonali Life Insurance Company Limited (SLICL), held on Wednesday virtually by using digital platform Zoom at its office in the capital.

Noor -E- Hafza presided over the meeting, which was attended by majority of the shareholders and directors of the Company. 

During the AGM, a final cash dividend of 15 percent (i.e., Final Cash Dividend 15% i.e., BDT 1.50 per share Including Interim Cash Dividend 2% i.e., BDT 0.20 per share which was already paid in September 2021) for the year 2021, was confirmed and approved based on paid-up capital is BDT 47.50 Crore. which is Tk.1.50 per share of Tk.10 each for all the shareholders as on December 31, 2021 out of the surplus available for shareholders as certified by the Actuary. 

Sonali Life Insurance Company Ltd. has declared the highest bonus rate when compared to all the 4th generation life insurance companies. For the year ended 31st December, 2021, in Accordance with Company’s valuation of the asset and liabilities, Sonali Life Insurance Company Ltd. has declared Taka 82 as bonus per thousand of sum assured on all active individual policies with profit.

Speaking about the performance of the Company, Noor-E-Hafza also said, the Company’s gross premium BDT 319.77 crores increased 137.57% more than 2020. Consequently, the Life Fund BDT 297.03 crores increased 93.25% more than 2020. 

Since the inception of the Company, SLICL has settled a total of more than 8,816 Death, Supplementary and Surrender claims in both Group and Individual all of which were settled within 7(Seven) working days, she added.  SLICL has also paid more than 12,328 Survival Benefit, Part Maturity and Full Maturity claims all of which were paid on the Due date. In doing so, Sonali Life Insurance Company Limited is earning the trust of its customers.