Sonali Bank MD exchanges views with expats in US

Published : 24 Jan 2023 09:19 PM

Sonali Bank Limited organized a virtually view exchange meeting with US based Bangladeshi expatriates to open account and transactions in proper channel using Sonali e-Wallet and Sonali e-Sheba on Sunday. 

Bank’s CEO and Managing Director Md. Afzal Karim attended as chief guest and spoke at the view exchange meeting with Bangladeshi expatriates of United States. 

He said that expatriates can open a bank account with Sonali Bank and do transaction by using Sonali e-Sheba and Sonali e-Wallet mobile apps and also iOS operating version in their host country. 

They will also avail the transactions of intra bank, inter bank money transfer and other services from Sonali Bank. He urged and requested to expatriates to open bank account and to send remmitance through banking channel by using digital services of Sonali Bank.

General Manager Md, Nurun Nabi conducted the meeting while Bank’s Deputy Managing Director Subhash Chandra Das,Parsoma Alam, other executives of the bank and US based customer of Bangladeshi expatriates were connected virtually.