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Published : 30 Nov 2019 08:57 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 07:16 PM

Development in Health Sector
There are one General Hospital, Rangamati Medical College, one Nursing Institute, one Mother & Child Welfare Centre, one School Health Clinic in Rangamati District. Besides, there is Health Complex in each and every Upazilla Sadar. Side by side there are 81 com¬munity clinics in Union level at 06 Upazillas and their activities are underway. Moreover, there are 12 Private Clinics in the Rangamati District Town & one private Hospital in Longodu Upazilla.

One General Hospital, 07 Upazilla Health complex and 76 community Clinics are available in Bandarban District. The Bandarban Sadar Hospital has 100 beds and its activities and services are going on successfully. As a result, opinion of Small Ethnic Communities and Bengali People regarding this Hospital is worth mentioning.
In Khagrachari District one modern General Hospital, 07 Upazilla Heath Complexes, 67 Com¬munity Complexes & 23 Community Clinics are under construction. In order to develop the standard of health service, the number of Medical officers, Nurses, Electricity supply arrangement, Pure water supply and other infrastructure development are being taken care of.
Educational Management
In Bandarban district, there are 1161 Primary Schools, 51 High Schools, 09 Government and 02 MPO-listed Colleges and 08 Kowmi Madrashas (01 for Male and 07 for both male and female), 03 Polytechnical Institutes.
In Rangamati District, 600 Primary Schools, 72 High Schools, 11 Government Colleges and 13 Kowmi Madrasas (01 for male and other 10 for both male and female), 01 Polytechnic Institute, Rangamati Medical College, Rangamati Science and Technology University are there. In Chattogram Hill Tracts Region, Rangamati Science and Technology is only one Public University whose educational Curriculum has started since 2015.
In Khagrachari District, 621 Primary Schools, 71 High Schools, 07 Government Colleges, 03 MPO-listed Colleges, 15 Kowmi Madrashas (07 for male, 01 for female and rest 07 for both male and female) are there. There is a Polytechnic Institute also. Enough Schools, Colleges including hostels are being constructed so that students from remote area can study there properly.
Communication Facilities
In Bandarban district there are total 333 km of national and regional roads available. Earlier there was no bridge over Sangu River. Later two bridges of 216.44 m and 217.15 m were constructed over Sangu River in Thanchi and Ruma upazilla respectively.
Following the treaty so for total 173.35 km of road network has been established in Ranga- mati district.
In Khagrachari district 581 km of paved roads and 641 km of semi-paved roads have been constructed. Government has taken adequate initiative to improve the entire road network in 3 hill districts.