SME entrepreneurs lag behind in software use

Speakers at ‘Software as A Service for SMEs’ webinar

Published : 25 Nov 2020 10:30 PM

SME entrepreneurs are still lagging behind in using software, and hence facing unsatisfactory results from business operations.

The Senior VP of Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS) made the remarks during a webinar titled "Software as a Service for SMEs".

The webinar was held on a virtual platform on Tuesday where participants highlighted the future of software, e-commerce sites, new IT entrepreneurs, software proprietors and receivers, and how they can easily operate leveraging software.

Farhana A Rahman, Senior Vice President of BASIS, participated in the webinar as an honorary speaker; moderated by MdMostafizur Rahman Sohel, Chairman, BASIS Standing Committee on Local Markets. Md. SirajulHaider, General Manager, SME Foundation, and SM Shaheen Anwar, Deputy Managing Director, NDC were also present in the virtual event.

Farhana A. Rahman, Senior Vice-President, BASIS, said, “SME entrepreneurs are still lagging behind in using software, incurring unsatisfactory results from their business ventures. In this case, the SAAS model is a new ray of hope for SME entrepreneurs.” “Digitization gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to reap the financial benefits of low capital investment. Using the SAAS model, SME entrepreneurs can access the software for free for a limited period by visiting the link,” she added.

Md. SirajulHaider, General Manager, SME Foundation, said, “The advent of Corona has exposed the immense value of IT integration in everything. IT software companies offer a wide range of services, including business, e-commerce, and entrepreneurial platforms that SME entrepreneurs can be leveraged.”

DMD SM Shaheen Anwar said, “It is normal for any new technology to have a slow start with participants being less interested in anything new. For example, mobile phones were not widely used in 2001; But now everyone uses them. In the same way, in the case of SMEs, the scope will widen at some point.”

In the second part of the program, 6 software companies gave detailed presentations about their products/software under the moderation of Moon M. Rajib of BASIS Corporate Affairs.

Among them Mahbubur Rahman, co-founder of Wise Dynamic Limited, Kamal Hossain of Nexzen Solutions Limited, Sadat Hossain, Operations Manager of Advanced ERP, Biz Solutions Ltd. IT Manager. Rasheduzzaman, MozammelHaque, Project Coordinator, SJ Innovation Limited, GaziShaheen Hossain, CEO, DG Nova Ltd. presented various products and services.

 SME entrepreneurs also participated in the online event. The event was broadcasted live from the official Facebook page of BASIS and SME Foundation.