Smart Bangladesh Tech Expo inaugurated in Rangpur

Published : 08 Jun 2023 10:13 PM

Rangpur witnessed a momentous occasion on Wednesday as the ‘Smart Bangladesh Tech Expo 2023 Rangpur’ was inaugurated at the Rangpur Zilla Parishad Community Center. The expo, organized by the Bangladesh Computer Society (BCS) Rangpur Branch, aims to showcase the latest technology and devices, while promoting the vision of a Smart Bangladesh. The event serves as a platform to introduce students and youth to the rapidly advancing world of information technology.

Engineer Subrata Sarkar, the president of the Bangladesh Computer Society (BCS), expressed his enthusiasm during the opening ceremony, highlighting the significant role that Rangpur and its IT-savvy population would play in building a Smart Bangladesh. He emphasized the BCS's commitment to conveying the message of Smart Bangladesh to the masses and announced that the Smart Bangladesh Expo would continue to be held across the country and abroad.

The event's special guests, including BCS Vice President Rashed Ali Bhuiyan and BCS Director and Managing Director of Smart Technologies BD Limited, Mohammad Zahirul Islam, reiterated the importance of knowledge, training, and technological advancement for the realization of a smart and developed Bangladesh. They praised the progress made in the IT sector and expressed confidence that the expo in Rangpur would play a crucial role in enriching the youth's understanding of information technology.

Mosharf Hossain Sumon, the expo's central coordinator and BCS Director, highlighted the remarkable progress made towards achieving the vision of a "Digital Bangladesh" by 2021, as promised in the election manifesto of the Awami League. With the establishment of a digital Bangladesh, the country's development trajectory has been transformed. Looking ahead to the year 2041, the new challenge lies in building a Smart Bangladesh, where convenience and accessibility will be at the forefront.

Moksedul Islam, the president of the BCS Rangpur branch and the convener of the exhibition, expressed his optimism about Rangpur's potential in the field of information technology. 

He stressed that the branch would play a vital role in enriching Rangpur with technological advancements and acknowledged the collective efforts made to ensure the success of the Smart Bangladesh Tech Expo 2023 Rangpur.

The exhibition, sponsored by the ICT Business Promotion Council (IBPC), received generous support from various organizations. Sony-Smart served as the diamond sponsor, while Global Brands Pvt Ltd and Tenda-South Bangla Computers were platinum sponsors. The event also had gold, silver, and gaming partners, including Computer City Technologies Limited, TP Link-Excel, Ryans, Star Tech Limited, UCC, Walton, and others.

The 'Smart Bangladesh Tech Expo 2023 Rangpur' welcomed visitors with an entry fee of Tk 10, while students and journalists were granted free entry. The expo featured an Innovation Zone, showcasing the latest technological inventions, and provided free Wi-Fi to visitors. The three-day event will run until June 9, offering a unique opportunity to explore the exciting world of technology.

The Smart Bangladesh Tech Expo 2023 Rangpur is a testament to the remarkable progress Bangladesh has made in the field of information technology and serves as a stepping stone towards realizing the vision of a Smart Bangladesh, where innovation and convenience merge to shape a brighter future.