Slum dwellers occupy space

Time to get them a position

Slums have been a problem in the capital since long. But over the years as the number of people in the country has increased so too has the number of slums and its dwellers. Recently, there was an initiative by the Railway authorities through which the slum dwellers were evicted from the places they had illegally occupied on both sides of the railways. Although this action proved to be useful for a short while but it wasn’t something which would be fruitful in the long run. This has thus been proven with the returning of the slum dwellers to their original position.

Reports say that there have been repeated eviction operations on slums in the capital but the same dwellers again and again return back to their old spots. Moreover, these slums are unhygienic places where disease and pollution brew activities which are unsocial and immoral in nature and let us not forget to mention that there is a huge ring of drug dealers and suppliers that target these slum dwellers. It is imperative that these slums and their dwellers are removed for good. 

According to sources, these slum dwellers collect recyclable goods from the garbage bins that are scattered around the city which they sell for meager sums of money. If they are presented with a better alternative then surely they will choose that rather than spend their time in fruitless searches for a paltry profit. 

Such cases of slum infestation are not only prevalent in the capital but in other major divisional cities too and this is causing problems. Specialists who have come to notice this are formulating ways through which this problem can be solved. But in reality, unless there is a firm action taken by the government, there won’t be any plausible solution to this long lasting problem.

The authorities concerned should look into this matter more seriously. A safe hygienic living condition is the right of every human being and this should also be ensured to the slum dwellers. The government has already shown its potential by the multibillion dollars worth of developmental initiatives around the country. This problem too can be solved if a more serious thought was given to it.