Six new items gain GI status

More items should be on the list

The country is marking its presence in the global trade world and in that continuity, six new items have been added as our country’s Geographical Indicator or also known as GI products. Dhakai Muslin’, ‘Rajshahi Silk’, ‘Kalojira Rice’, ‘Kataribhog of Dinajpur’, ‘Sadamati’ and ‘Sataranji’ of Vijaypur are one’s which now can be claimed by Bangladesh as the one and only owner.

The six new GI products will now brand themselves in the global market as Bangladesh’s emissary and these products will now put themselves ahead of any other equivalent product in the world.

This will create a new dimension

in our trade and will also give Bangladesh a global

 platform to showcase its

 culture through authentic products

This is a very significant achievement for the country as the six new GI products will help to boost our trade as more importers from other countries will know about these products in a detailed manner on the website of the World Intellectual Property Organization or WIPO of the United Nations. Traders of any particular country are now more likely to import these products from Bangladesh according to their choice. This will possibly result in an increase in the export of these products.

It will also help to create trust and confidence in the product’s authenticity among customers and producers. Government should now apply for more GI products certification as this will create a new dimension in our trade and will also give Bangladesh a global platform to showcase its culture through authentic products.

The items which are presented with the GI certification ultimately hold both cultural and emotional significance for us alongside a probable trade potential. To add more products to the GI certification list, the government should support the local individuals or businesses that are associated with enhancing such products. This will ultimately propel to safeguard country's legacy.