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Six female booters pass SSC

Published : 13 May 2024 10:13 PM

Despite facing various hurdles, six female footballers training at the Bangladesh Football Federation (BFF) camp have successfully passed their Secondary School Certificate (SSC) examinations this year. Juggling their studies with the ongoing SAFF U-19 Championship presented a significant challenge. Unfortunately, this meant they were unable to attend the SAFF U-19 Women's Championship prize distribution ceremony.

News of the SSC exam results sparked jubilation amongst students across the country, and this happiness extended to the BFF camp. Oishee Khatun, Ruma Akhter and Omela Marmara were particularly thrilled with their results, viewing them as the reward for ten years of dedication. Six women footballers currently residing at the BFF camp took their SSC exams this year, and all of them were successful. Their commitment to education mirrored their passion for football on the pitch. 

While Oishi and Omela achieved Grade A, the remaining footballers attained GPAs below four. They acknowledged the benefits of late-night study sessions. 

Their fellow footballers at the camp showered them with congratulations. Oishi Khatun commented, "I've informed everyone at the camp." Ruma Akhtar added, "I've been speaking to my parents. We achieved success because we studied through the night."