Sisimpur special episode ‘Amar Desh, Amar Garbo’ on Independence Day

March 26 is our great Independence Day. And, a special day means a special episode of Sisimpur for all children. On the occasion of Independence Day, Sisimpur has arranged a special episode for the children. The main theme of this episode, titled ‘Amar Desh, Amar Garbo’, is patriotism - the country's traditions, art and literature. 

And of course it is beneficial for the children. The episode will be aired on Bangladesh Television and Duronto TV simultaneously on March 26 (Thursday) at 5:30pm.

This special episode of Independence Day has been arranged with Tuktuki's visit to Smriti Shoudho with her friend Ashish. There Tuktuki learns many unknown stories about the monument. There is also a fun segment regarding famous poets and painters of Bangladesh.

Sisimpur, funded by USAID, is a pre-childhood education programme for Bangladeshi children aged 3-8 years that is making children more accomplished, more powerful and more kind.

The 12th season of Sisimpur is being aired on Duronto TV at 12:30 pm and 5:30 pm daily. Apart from this, Sisimpur is aired on Bangladesh Television every Friday, Sat, Tuesday and Thursday.