Shwapno offers attractive discount

Published : 02 Dec 2023 04:40 PM | Updated : 02 Dec 2023 04:40 PM

Shwapno, the renowned superstore in the country, has once again delighted consumers with an enticing offer on essential items, aiming to provide clarity amidst price concerns. 

Following last week’s successful promotion, Shwapno is rolling out unbelievable discounts on various household essentials, creating a relief market price for shoppers.

The superstore’s authorities have announced a special discount period on December 1 and 2 (Friday and Saturday), during which customers can avail themselves of lower prices compared to the open market on select products. Notably, ACI and Pusthi brands of flour will be discounted at Tk 18 per 1 kg.

Shwapno, the popular brand, is extending maximum discounts across a wide range of essential products, catering to the monthly needs of family homes. Additionally, customers will benefit from a VAT exemption on open rice, pulses, sugar, potatoes, onions, fish, and meat.

Shwapno’s initiative aims to provide consumers with cost-effective options during this promotional period, enhancing the accessibility of daily necessities for households.