Shun path of war, work for peace

Global leaders must pay heed to PM’s call

Published : 24 Sep 2023 07:32 PM

While addressing the General Debate of the 78th session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has called upon the global leaders to work in unison for peace, welfare of mankind and prosperity by shunning the path of war and confrontation. We highly appreciate Sheikh Hasina’s time-befitting call to the international community to stop war.

As the global food system is reeling from the Russia-Ukraine war, sanctions and counter-sanctions, the Covid-19 pandemic, and the droughts across Africa, South Asia, and the Middle-East, the World leaders should use their strong positions to deliver better outcomes for people in need and to commit to sustained engagement in order to uphold the norms that safeguard humanity.

Financial, and energy securities have greatly impeded the achievement of SDGs in developing countries. The interlinked crises of the past few years have pushed up prices of food, energy and commodities globally, weakening the efforts to recover from the pandemic.

As an energy-and food-importing country, Bangladesh’s import bills have shot up significantly, having a negative impact on our foreign currency reserves. Despite these challenges, Bangladesh has ensured food for everyone.



community should work as one, as a 

coalition of the world in order to 

eradicate poverty, hunger, war and 

human sufferings and achieve 

global peace and security for the 


of humanity

Bangladesh always calls for a stronger global solidarity in sharing the burden of climate migrants induced by sea-level rise, salinity increase, river erosion, floods, and droughts. The country is also calling for establishing regional ‘food banks’ for emergency situation against the spiral of prices of essentials. When the world is going through tough times, Sheikh Hasina’s call may unite the international community to prevent and end the conflict. We are seeing that trust is crumbling, inequalities are exploding and our planet is burning. But, if the world leaders take the issue seriously and hold discussions in order to find a way out to end the war at any cost, we people will be able to overcome the crisis. There is no dearth of food on our planet but the scarcity is simply man-made. Politics and business interests with food, challenges of climate change, and pest and disease attacks are all putting pressure on our agri-food systems.

There is no alternative to foster dialogue among key stakeholders to advance important solutions for agri-food system transformation during this crisis. The world leaders must pay heed to Sheikh Hasina’s call and take collective efforts especially in the areas of agro-food system transformation, nutrition and livelihood of people. The international community should work as one, as a coalition of the world in order to eradicate poverty, hunger, war and human sufferings and achieve global peace and security for the well-being of humanity.