Shun attitude of ultra-profiteering

Business people must think about people before making profit

Published : 04 Oct 2023 10:17 PM

While addressing an industrial award-giving ceremony in the capital Dhaka President Mohammed Shahabuddin said the ultra-profiteering attitude of a section of unscrupulous businessmen, who also want to become billionaire overnight, is adversely affecting the country’s business and trade, increasing the suffering to the people.

The Head of the State urged business leaders and entrepreneurs to build strong resistance against the unscrupulous businessmen and misdeeds. The entire business community should not be blamed for the misdeeds of a few people.

We think the President rightly pointed out the unfairness and ultra-profiteering attitude of a section of dishonest business people. Earlier, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina also asked the businessmen not to think only about profit alongside taking some more measures immediately so the commoners would not suffer from price hike. But, an organised syndicate comprising traders and wholesalers are still hiking the prices of everything including daily needs. Everything has gone out of people purchasing capacity after imposing sanctions (due mainly to disruption in supplying food), though the government has the ability of purchasing.

The lower, lower middle, middle and fixed income groups’ people especially day-labourers, rickshaw-pullers, drivers or housemaids are the worst sufferers from essentials price hike. They are facing serious financial hardship as running families have now become unbearable for them. No one will understand their agonies, common people allege every day, adding prices are skyrocketing although their salaries do not increase every year. Though the drives are being conducted by mobile courts and Directorate of National Consumer Rights Protection, the indentified members of this unholy nexus remain still untouched.

Build strong resistance against the

 unscrupulous businessmen and misdeeds

As a result, they have become desperate to make profit in large margin in dishonest and unethical way alongside volatile the essentials’ price. It is very unfortunate that when the people are passing through hard days, Bangladesh Nationalist Party, anti-liberation forces and some elements have extended all-out support to different organised syndicates, instigating them to deepen the crisis further.

The businessmen will have to do business thinking about their country and its people as the world is going through a crisis due to the Russia-Ukraine war and the Covid-19 pandemic. The current crisis is not meant for Bangladesh, rather it is an international crisis.

The ruling party is doing politics for the country’s people and it feels hurt when they go through pain. Against the backdrop of the impacts of the global economic situation when the government is trying hard to keep the prices of essential commodities at a minimum level through ensuring stabilisation of economy, some corporate houses, dishonest millers, hoarders and traders together are making the essentials  market volatile deliberately.

Various apprehensions are coming to the light and hatching conspiracy starts in this regard recently. Therefore, the prices of essential commodities are going up due to the excessive greed of traders. So, it is not possible to arrest the prices of daily essentials by only taking measures, making statements or warning issues instead of getting tough on the greedy traders. The organised unholy syndicate’s members, who are benefiting from the price hike, are also making the government controversial. If the government does not get tough on the organised thugs and syndicate is not broken, the prices of daily essential will not come down. We think the business people will pay heed to the President’s call shun the ultra-profiteering attitude.