Sholakia Eidgah will put under tight security

Published : 27 Apr 2022 09:33 PM

The Eidgah Management Committee has answered various questions of the journalists after inspecting the Sholakia Eid grounds for the beautiful and smooth completion of the Eid-ul-Fitr prayers. Eidgah Management Committee President and Kishoreganj Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Shamim Alam and Police Super Mashrukur Rahman Khaled BPM (Bar) told that all preparations for Eid Jamaat were almost complete at noon on Wednesday. Four-tier security measures have been taken. Eid-ul-Fitr congregation will be held at 10am. Sholakia Eidgah will be covered with a tight security. Various intelligence agencies and additional police will be deployed for Eid security. In addition to the police and RAB, five platoons of BGB have been deployed and a four-tier security zone has been set up. In addition, the Watch Tower will be installed in the field and the entire field will be monitored by CCTV cameras. In this work, besides the uniformed police, white uniformed police will be deployed. There will be 6 ambulances and 2 unit of fire service will be deployed round the clock.

Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Shamim Alam said that no one can enter the field with mobile phone and umbrella. He will be able to hold the 195th Eid Jamaat with great enthusiasm and solemnity. Maulana Farid Uddin Masud will lead the Eid Jamaat and Maulana Soaib bin A. Rauf will be the alternate Imam. Finally, DC Shamim Alam wished the countrymen a happy Eid in advance.

Police Super Mashrukur Rahman Khaled BPM (Bar) said, "We inspected all the preparations for Eid Jamaat on the spot." The city of Kishoreganj will be covered with a tight security for the smooth completion of the biggest Eid Jamaat in Asia. Due to the absence of Eid Jamaat in the last two years, there is a possibility of more people gathering this year. Additional security has been taken this year. There will be 6 watch towers, of which 4 will be for police and 2 for RAB. All time surveillance will be done through CCTV cameras and drone cameras. People will have to go through the security zone and enter the Eidgah ground. Bomb Disposal Team, Police Quick Response Team, Mine Detector Unit and other police teams will be working.

Worshipers will not be allowed to enter the field with anything without body search and masks. However, if it rains, the issue of bringing an umbrella will be considered. Meanwhile, two special trains named 'Sholakia Express' will run on Bhairab-Kishoreganj-Bhairab and Mymensingh-Kishoreganj-Mymensingh lines to facilitate Eid Jamaat in Sholakia. Sholakia Express-1 will leave Bhairab at 6 am, reach Kishoreganj at 8 am, again leave Kishoreganj at 12 noon and reach Bhairab at 2 pm. Sholakia Express-2 will leave Mymensingh at 6:15 am, reach Kishoreganj at 8:30 am, leave Kishoreganj at 12 noon and reach Mymensingh at 3 pm.

Zila Parished Chief Executive Officer Mohammad Abdullah, Kishoreganj Municipal Mayor Md. Parvez Mia, Additional Police Super (Crime) Noor Alam, Additional Police Super Anirban Chowdhury, Upazila Nirbahi Officer and General Secretary of Eidgah Committee Mohammad Ali Siddiqui, RAB-14 (CPC-2) Kishoreganj Camp Company Commander  Major Md. Shahriar Mahmud Khan, Kishoreganj Model Police Station Officer-in-Charge Mohammad Daud and others were present at that time.