Shishuder Hasi Library built with tiffin money

Published : 31 Mar 2022 09:01 PM

Bangladesh has seen the strength of student unity at different times. Their participation in various social activities starting from the state level has become a part of history. In the belief of making history, a group of teenagers studying in Hossainpur School and College of Kishoreganj has built a Shishuder Hasi Library by saving their tiffin money. The library is a sight to behold as it has caught the eye of many who read books.

Although many school and college students were interested in reading books, there was no public library in their upazila. Although they had an indomitable desire to read books, they could not read a single book. One of these students was working on the emptiness of a public library. At that time, ninth graders Mahmudul Haq Riyadh, Al Jabir Yassin, Mahfuzul Haq Fahad and Junaid Rabbi Prakash thought that if there was a public library, people would be able to read different kinds of books in their spare time besides text books. Then their thoughts begin to take shape in reality. In a few days, they collected 100 members. Together, they decided that they would pay 30 taka per month at the rate of 1 taka per day from their tiffin money. Save a few months to buy the necessary furniture and books for the library. At one point, one of the members, Riyadh informed the poet Fakhrul Hasan about their initiative. He gave 100 books to the students in his area and encouraged them to set up a library. 

After saving a few months, the journey of the library started in the house of Junaid Rabbi Prakash in February 2019 with the slogan book for a beautiful life. With the money saved, the students started their journey to the library with a bookshelf, 2 tables, some chairs and about 300 books. Introduces rules for their members to read books in the library at regular intervals and take books home for a maximum of 7 days.

Their activities came to the notice of Azizul Haque Sumon, Assistant Director of Kishoreganj District Government Public Library through Facebook. He spoke a few times with everyone involved in the library and visited the library and announced the official listing. To digitize their activities, they have already created an app in the Google Play Store where you can list all your books and apply for books. At present the library is located in a large room of Hossainpur Proshika office. The number of books in the library has exceeded one thousand. From 1 bookshelf now 3 bookshelves.

The Shishuder Hasi Library has become a collection of stories, novels, poems, science fiction, children's books and many books from home and abroad. 

Founder Mahmudul Haque Riyadh said, there is no public library in our upazila, school library is always locked. Our knowledge was limited to textbooks. We have all set up a library out of curiosity.