Shipping sector to go for blue economy

Plan projects with proper expertise

The government is focusing on improving and capitalising on the oceans and marine resources to the fullest. As such, the blue economy has been the focus for some time now. In that continuation to get a total advantage of the ports and deep-sea ports, the government is keen to improve the shipping sector in a gradual process. We think that this plan to utilise the marine resources efficiently will bring forth sustainable change in the country and also create a better way to walk forward in the world.

This expansion and focus on shipping must be 

made in a planned manner so that the rest of the 

economy doesn’t get jeopardised

As per a report published in this daily, when ocean-based industries like shipping and others will be built they would contribute as key driving forces for flourishing the country’s economy. We are already advancing towards a sustainable economy step by step, so, with proper usage of the blue economy and bringing it to hundred percent efficiency will present a better situation where it will be quicker to achieve the SDGs.

Experts opine that an enriched shipping sector is key for extracting resources from the untapped blue seas. There is also plausibility of many more ports and deep-sea ports being constructed in the country. However, this expansion and focus on shipping must be made in a planned manner so that the rest of the economy doesn’t get jeopardised.

The ship building industry has already pitched in significantly in various development projects. Still, there is a need for infrastructural development, the report says.

We hope that an advanced and time worthy shipping sector along with affiliated infrastructural development will be seen in the country very soon. We are still a long way from that scene, but hope to achieve it with proper planning and execution of key ideas.