Shimulia Ghat wedged solid with traffic gridlock

Published : 27 Apr 2022 09:21 PM

The ferry crisis on the Shimulia-Banglabazar and Shimulia-Majhirkandi route has led to extreme gridlock at ferry terminal on ahead of Eid. Vehicles are waiting in long lines. This waiting line is getting longer with time. Even though the crossing of heavy vehicles including buses and trucks is closed, the situation is tense due to increasing pressure of passengers. Meanwhile, less than 24 hours after joining the ferry fleet of this route, the ferry Begum Rokeya became crippled again. Now only 7 ferries are using to cross the river.

The crowd of homebound people on Eid has been increasing in Shimulia, the southern entrance since Wednesday morning. Ferry users are suffering in the scorching heat of Ramadan. People can get on the ferry after waiting for hours.

A huge crowd of motorcycles surrounded the Ferry pontoon outside the car line. The situation of the area is crowded. After two years of global pandemic Covid-19, the passengers have demanded the management of the ferry to increase the number of ferries to reach the destination without any problem in this Eid.

Homebound passengers say the number of ferries is low this year. People will descend 2/3 days before Eid. So to avoid suffering, many are going home with family members earlier.

BIDB UTA Shimulia Ghat Inspector Soleiman said 153 speedboats and 63 launches were operating on the waterway. Due to the small number of ferries, more passengers are crossing using launches. The speedboat will operate from 8 am to 6 pm and the launch will operate from Wednesday.

Shimulia BIDWTC Terminal Super HM Yadul Islam said that BIDWTC has made maximum preparations to ensure safe passage of homebound people on Eid. Since everyone will go home on Eid, the pressure is a little higher. We are trying to overcome the pressure. We will try our best.

The ferry service has been stalled since August 16. From November 8, during the Shimulia-Banglabazar day and later from December 13, limited ferry service was started from Shimulia to Majhirkandi bypassing the Padma Bridge. Meanwhile, after 6 months, 24-hour ferry service has started on the Banglabazar-Shimulia route under the Padma Bridge. The ferries have gained momentum as the second Ghat in Majhirkandi has been operational since Wednesday. However, instead of 18 to 21 ferries, only 7 are running as of now. Only 87 passenger launches and 153 boatboats are crossing from Shimulia.