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Shillong abuzz with shoppers after evening

Published : 30 Oct 2019 07:46 PM | Updated : 06 Sep 2020 03:18 PM

As the tourists are always guided by their delightful dream of enjoying a profound understanding of nature’s beauty, the tourist city of Shillong virtually leaves everyone to know the ways in which ordinary events carry deeper meaning.

After a day’s whirlwind tour to Shillong and its attractive places, tourists choose to throng to markets after evening, taking great interests to buy items of their choice at reasonable prices. The town becomes abuzz with buyers and sellers after sunset which gives the city an animated look and turns it into a den of visitors.

Small traders are seen displaying different items on the open spaces to attract the tourists out to explore the eye-catching Shillong.

Every day temporary businessman set up their makeshift shops in the evening in front of different shopping malls, where tourists of all ages throng to buy something.

If anyone visits this open market once, he or she never returns empty handed but buys his or her favourite goods. 

This open market is mainly depended on the tourists, where sellers display their goods to cater to the choice of the travellers.

Nurul Islam, a visitor who came from Bangladesh told this reporter, “When I get a chance, I visit Shillong. After coming here I visited this open market instead of going to different shopping malls, because I found goods of my choice at fair prices”.

Like him many visitors come to this open market in the evening after their day’s dazzling tour to different sites.

In the evening, this open markets gives added pleasure and joy to those who come to Shillong as tourists.