Sheraspace to provide ‘affordable services’

Published : 23 Jun 2021 09:27 PM

Sheraspace, an online interior design firm, is working to democratise interior design in Bangladesh, aiming to ensure affordable services for all.

When one thinks of interior design, it often brings to mind luxurious real estate, expensive renovation and extensive project completion timelines, forcing many to consider interior design as an unattainable luxury.

But Sheraspace has redefined what it means to hire a designer by making the process simple, inexpensive and easier.

It has also removed the barriers to availing of interior design services in Bangladesh amid the Covid pandemic with its innovative virtual design service – Online Interior Design Consultation. The service has been promoted as a short-term and flat-priced affordable one, an alternative to traditional interior design services.

The company has witnessed close to an 800 per cent increase in its sales of the Online Interior Design Consultation in the second quarter of 2021, much to the credit of the novelty and usability of the service alongside some very creative marketing moves.

As people are being forced to stay indoors during the Covid-induced movement restrictions, it has further reinforced the importance of having an optimised space that they call their dwellings.

“During the movement restrictions in early 2020, we conceptualised this service and started testing it out on small groups of consumers. Our team rapidly collected feedback from those customers helping us further develop the packages. We rolled out the services fully in the last quarter of 2020,” Sheraspace CEO and co-founder Sarjeena Maodud said about the Online Interior Design Consultation.

She said a huge response to their interior design packages has encouraged Sheraspace’s young and creative team to continue to enhance their service to meet the growing demands of consumers.