Sheikh Saadi Khan advises young artistes to respect seniors

Sheikh Saadi Khan is an eminent music director of the country. He was outraged by the unrest in the music hall for a few days and gave his comment in response to everyone's information. 

The legendary music director has expressed this statement through the page related to music - Resh.

His statement has been highlighted in Bangladesh Post— 

Affectionate brothers and sisters who are emerging artists and are equivalent to my own son and daughter - I am wondering where I will hide my face when I see some of your writings on Facebook. 

We know you are all elegant and educated. The music society does not expect disrespectful behavior from you towards adults and respected artists. 

Honestly, you have not been able to create your own identity. Is there any song that can introduce you? You are disrespecting Honourable people! Your education is all getting smeared up in dust. You have gotten acquainted with singing by singing the songs of respected people. 

I think it's better to apologize out of respect for elders. If you walk with the honor of the elders, your path will be smooth. Otherwise, you will be cursed. 

I hope it will be resolved soon, or the ban on you not being able to sing the songs of honorable people will come soon. 

May your good sense rise soon. Best wishes - Sheikh Saadi Khan. Music director and music personality.