Sheikh Hasina shows talents in virus response: Forbes extols

Forbes magazine has lauded Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s response to the coronavirus pandemic in Bangladesh and said she showed her talents during this crisis.

The American business magazine in an article that highlighted eight women leaders also said her efforts ‘deserve to be recognised’. “Bangladesh, a country of some 161 million people, led by Sheikh Hasina, is no stranger to crises. She was quick off her feet standing up to this one, with a response the World Economic Forum called “admirable”.

“Sheikh Hasina, the country’s longest serving Prime Minister, started evacuating Bangladeshi citizens from China in early February. “After the first case was diagnosed in early March, she closed educational institutions and nudged all non-essential businesses to go online.

“Then she harnessed tech, installing screening devices across international airports which screened some 650,000 people (of which 37,000 were immediately quarantined), something the UK still isn’t doing,” the Forbes article wrote about Hasina.

The other women leaders the article talked about are from Singapore, Hong Kong, Nepal, Ethiopia, Namibia, Bolivia, and Georgia who showed their talents in this crisis.

“Remember their names, they are (re)shaping the future,” read the artcile. The coronavirus cases stood at 5416 on Sunday after the first three cases were detected on March 8. So far, 145 patients died of the virus.