Sheikh Hasina is Asia’s iron lady

Bangladesh has become a role model for developing countries under her leadership

Published : 26 May 2023 07:37 PM | Updated : 26 May 2023 07:37 PM

The Economist, a UK-based prestigious weekly newspaper, on Wednesday described Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina as Asia's iron lady. The weekly, which runs news and analysis on global perspective to help people understand the world around them, in its story says Bangladesh’s prime minister, Sheikh Hasina, is the world’s longest-serving female head of government, and one of the most significant of either sex. 

During two decades in office she has presided over momentous poverty alleviation in her country of 170m, fuelled by average annual Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth of 7% for much of that time. The 75-year-old has led her party, the Awami League, to victory in three consecutive polls, and four in all—one more than Indira Gandhi or Margaret Thatcher managed. With an election due early next year, which Sheikh Hasina is expected to win, The Economist asked her, in an interview in her northern Virginia hotel suite, what ambitions she had left. In reply, she expressed her firm determination to make Bangladesh a hunger-free, poverty-free developed country.

She reiterated her commitment to 

holding a free and fair election but 

deplored that there is no such 

political party to make it competitive

The August 15 carnage, the ugliest chapter of the nation's history as the self-confessed killers not only assassinate the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman alone, but also killed 16 other members of his family, friends and relatives continues to cast a shadow over Sheikh Hasina. But the tragic and traumatic events have encouraged her to turn around and shaped her determination to uplift her country and honour her father’s legacy. She reiterated her commitment to holding a free and fair election but deplored that there is no such political party to make it competitive.  

Under her leadership, Bangladesh has become a role model for development. Her role in extending humanitarian support to over 1.1 million forcibly displaced Rohingyas from Myanmar, who took shelter in Cox's Bazar, drew accolades from global leaders, international forums and institutions and eminent personalities. 

The nation is proud of the leadership of Sheikh Hasina. Different prestigious foreign national dailies, weeklies and news agencies are running stories on her dynamic and charismatic leadership while heads of several countries highly praising her bold leadership.

Today Sheikh Hasina’s name is uttered with special dignity at the world stage. Under the leadership of successful statesman like Sheikh Hasina our country has achieved unprecedented development in all sectors. So, apart from Awami League leaders and workers, people imbued with the Spirit of War of Liberation will also have to remain united under the leadership of Sheikh Hasina in order to save the country and its people.