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Sheikh Hasina a symbol of world peace

Published : 08 Jul 2022 10:08 PM

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has emerged as a symbol of global peace and security because of her firm stand against the possible world war. She is the only global world leader who raised her voice in favour of world peace. The peace-loving people should echo voice of Sheikh Hasina for ensuring global peace.

Unfortunately, if the war takes place then the embattled superpowers would not hesitate to consider using the nuclear weapons against their opponent.

Sheikh Hasina is aware of the impact of the global economic downturn and really feels for the pain and sufferings of the people and that’s why like other people she is worried about the consequence.

It seems that US-led NATO might have a desire to test the patience of Russia, that has huge stockpile of nuclear arsenal. The US has just returned from Afghanistan incurring a humiliating defeat. After the long 20 years of war against the uncivilized Taliban, allegedly created by the US itself, and it costs trillions of US taxpayers’ money that plunged into the Gulf and hills. 

And it is more than sure that the US citizens would not let it go without challenge. The US administration is trying their best to regain its global leadership by punishing Russia. Otherwise, why the US-led NATO is taking risk of nuclear war for Ukraine, once which was a integral part of Russia. 

And it was evident that when the Ukraine was with the then Soviet Union then it was a rich nation. Moreover, the Russian nuclear power and the oil and gas lines were installed in Ukraine. So, if Ukraine goes under NATO alliance Russia would totally be a paralysed country and if such kind of incident is happened in case of the US or other NATO nation will they tolerate it?

The USA seems to regain its global leadership status by erasing the Afghan stigma and Russia seems to have a long-term plan to wingover the countries once were under the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact.

When the Ukraine war erupted both the USA and Russia got into a quagmire of ego complex. And the global people are not ready at all to pay for the ego problems of the two superpowers.

They don’t want war. They have bitter experience about the devastation of war. Under no circumstances, the world community will support war and that’s why Bangladesh Prime Minister has asked the groups and blocks concerned to refrain from war and unnecessarily punish the innocent people of the world in the name of punishing Russia. 

Let Russia and Ukraine deal with their problems. Yes! The global leaders can take the role of negotiating peace by stopping war. They should not fuel the conflict by directly taking side of one country embattled. 

It is clear that if the US-led NATO continues to encourage Ukraine for fighting by supplying weapons then it will be regarded as the US-led NATO declared war against Russia. Should that be wise?