Sheikh Hasina, a symbol of trust

Published : 21 Dec 2023 10:25 PM

People’s trust and confidence are very crucial for any political leader and a leader like Awami League (AL) President and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has earned that confidence with her performance and hard work in the last 15 years.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has been able to protect  

independence and sovereignty as people put complete trust and confidence in her.

The country has achieved tremendous development thanks to dynamic leadership of Sheikh Hasina, the worthy daughter of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

Her party AL always stands by the people of the country and plays very effective role during any crisis. The party  works for the welfare of the people as per its electoral pledges. People is the strength of her party. The party is accountable to the people alone. The AL has no master other than the people.  The party does not want to remain in power through flattering as the people are its strength. People of the country believe being a daughter of Bangabandhu, Sheikh Hasina cannot do politics of sycophancy to stay in power.

Therefore, we people now can say that this oil is ours. No dominance will be tolerated here. We are not dependent on others. Sheikh Hasina’s main goal is to ensure basic rights of the people -- food, clothes, shelter, health and education -- as dreamt by Sheikh Mujib. AL does not believe in talks or false propaganda, rather it always believes in work and services for the welfare of the people.

 Sheikh Hasina is working relentlessly for building the country “Sonar Bangla”.  Therefore, like in the past Sheikh Hasina urged the people to vote for her party’s election symbol ‘boat’ to build ‘smart Bangladesh’ as she kicked off formal election campaign of the AL for the 12th national parliamentary election slated for January 7. Smart Bangladesh means Smart Government, Smart People, Smart Economy and Smart Society. With these, she wants to make Bangladesh a modern technology-based country that would include sustainable economy, merit-based education, advanced society, righteous Bangladesh and transparent Bangladesh. Sheikh Hasina said these while addressing a mammoth rally in Sylhet on Wednesday. She urged all to cast their votes for her party nominated candidates to make them victorious just to serve the common people.

Sheikh Hasina has been able to protect 

independence and 

sovereignty as people put complete  

trust and confidence in her

The people are in peace as AL is in power. People want to see continuation of the development spree.

The party has fought for democracy and attained democracy. So, the party is committed to uphold democracy.

Following the brutal assassination of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu n 1975, the military rulers grabbed state power through arms and formed political parties in Bangladesh. BNP-Jamaat clique wanted to snatch away lives of people and now they again are out to thwart the country’s next general election. Peace-loving people should strengthen the hands of Sheikh Hasina for the sake of country’s independence and sovereignty. Although the some elements led by BNP have been trying to enforce programmes one after another to ruin the next poll since long, people will never response. They (BNP-Jamaat) really do not understand what to do.

Sheikh Hasina has trust in the country’s people. So people do not need to keep confidence in those who held “Yes-No vote” and the voter-less polls of February 15 and created fake voters in the country. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina-led government has already implemented most the pledges according to the election manifesto. Therefore, we believe if Sheikh Hasina’s party AL is voted to power it will fulfill all the pledges which earlier being made in the electoral manifesto. 

They would continue the country’s development spree and serve the people. Sheikh Hasina-led AL government has been trying its best to keep the country’s economy vibrant despite the world is going through a global economic recession due to the Covid-19 pandemic and Russia-Ukraine war. 

One day this Bangladesh will be built as a developed and prosperous country. Country’s people believe after tackling the odds and handling conspiracies threat, Sheikh Hasina’s bold action has brought the country’s economy back on track.