Sheer mismanagement at BU exam controller’s office

Published : 18 Aug 2022 09:10 PM

Students have to go through a lot of trouble to collect the necessary documents from the examination controller office of Barishal University. Students complain that they have to face various problems including suffering while collecting necessary documents including academic transcripts, mark sheets and certificates in this office.

Expressing their anger about this, they said, this is not a new problem, despite repeated complaints to the authorities, they did not budge, instead, day after day, the officials had to go round the table to extract the necessary documents. 

In this, the current and former students suffer to get the mark sheet or certificate urgently after completing their university life. However, the authorities say that due to work force shortage, students have to wait for a long time to get the certificate, which will soon be over. Mishal Bin Salim, a former student of Botany Department of Barishal University complained, "My friend went to collect my certificate and final mark sheet as my representative. First, the certificate department said that the photocopy of the friend's ID card would require the signature of me and the chairperson. After taking it, he rejected the print application and said that he would need a handwritten application. After sending it again to the courier, he said that two more signatures will be given on the application. My friend's hours were wasted at each stage. After all this irony, as I didn't have much time, I took leave from the office and went to Barishal to collect the certificate. When I gave the paper, he didn't even check if I was the person or not. I gave the payment receipt. Gave certificate and mark sheet. As per the rules, my friend and I had to go around so much because of informing the representative.

The issue of mismanagement of Barishal University Examination Controller's Office is not new. Spelling errors in mark sheets and certificates, waiting for hours after hours to submit or receive necessary documents in the department. Sometimes the officials are not available, even if they are found, the work is done slowly, sometimes there have been complaints of rude behavior of the officials.

A student department of Law said that BBA was written in his mark sheet instead of Faculty LLB. He complained that he was suffering.

A student named Ismail Hossain said that the semester and the year have been rotated three times with a mark sheet.

Mizanur Rahman, the officer in charge of that Examination Controller's Office said that to serve more than nine thousand students, there is only one desk and that too two people have to work with a little speed. Moreover, a lot of information has to be entered by one person due to which students can sometimes have problems in handling the pressure. At that time, he mentioned that the university's power shortage caused delays in other works including preparation of results. When contacted at the Examination Control Office, the Controller of Examinations (Acting) Sajjad Ullah Mohammad Faisal directly denied the public crisis. Regarding the spelling mistakes, he said, if you do a lot of work, there may be one or two mistakes. But if it is brought to us later, we fix it. Besides, when asked about the complaint of suffering of the students, he initially denied it. Later said, if something like this happened, the students would have come and told me. And I have received several complaints about the boy named Biplob who we have here, we will remove him from there very soon.